Relieve the pressure on your children

Relationships are under pressure at the moment including our relationship with our children and their relationships with others.

Additional pressures from the pandemic, a breakdown in parent or family relationships or a change of routine and inability to see friends may build up on children.

Eventually, the pressure may become too much and begin to affect them personally as well as creating unhelpful conflict in their relationships with others. The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown conditions may have compounded existing issues, and create further barriers in our relationships.

This is an uncertain time for both adults and children as we’re all trying to navigate as safely, effectively and calmly as possible. As we prepare our selves for returning to ·normal life’, it is equally normal for us to seek relationship support to prepare ourselves and our children for how their relationships may have changed or been effected.

This book aims to provide ideas on how you can Relieve the Pressure on yourself and your children as we seek to build back better relationships.

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