Addiction Poem

Let me introduce an old friend of mine…

Hi my name is addiction, and I am as bubbly as can be.

Ill take away your fears and pain, just place your trust in me.

I am a master of masquerade, a chameleon through and through

I can help you navigate life my friend. I’ll support all you say and do.

Let me create you a place of safety, where pain will not get in

It will be you, and I, forever my friend, so hurry up and let’s begin.

Hmm now let me see how I can help you, what’s your choice of how to play.

Shopping, sugar, gambling … how can we occupy your day.

Perhaps sex, negative thinking, alcohol, cannabis heroin or coke.

It really doesn’t matter you see, I have the tools to fix anything you think is broke.

I’ll always stick right by you, where others have turned and gone.

I’ll give you an intense relationship, I promise, I’ll be full on.

I don’t care what other people say, who gives a fuck about what they think.

Its you and I together babe, there’s no way we can sink.

I am so pleased you’ve listened intently and invited me deep inside.

But I’m afraid I lied in the beginning babe, I can’t halt the rising tide.

So now that I have you all to myself, and everyone else is gone

We can share this life together, until our farewell dawn.

I really am your best friend, it’s just others cannot see.

The pain and scold within you, and how much I set you free.

So sit right back in comfort numb, breathe in while senses dim.

And regardless of my vehicle, Ill be your enemy within.

Don’t bother to try and fight it, just let go and sink into me.

And you’ll love me more than life itself, It will be plain for all to see.

So please don’t sit there, thinking you are all immune, its easier than you think. Because addiction is a range of behaviours and not just drugs and drink.

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