Reducing the Impact of Trauma Through the use of Floatation Therapy

Vivian shares her story about how she has overcome her own adverse childhood experiences to become a therapeutic practitioner, change-work specialist and entrepreneur, dedicated to helping people heal from the pain of their past through reconnection and floatation therapy.

Hear insights into the personal journey that has led to Vivian opening Northern Ireland’s only dedicated floatation healing centre, and how the use of floatation therapy can help to reduce the impact of trauma and related symptoms.

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EVENT – In Conversation with Stephen Porges – Polyvagal Theory

We are delighted to welcome the Action Trauma Network Ambassador, Stephen W. Porges, Ph.D, for this exclusive webinar where we will explore the topic of Polyvagal Theory – a theory that links the evolution of the mammalian autonomic nervous system to social behavior and emphasizes the importance of physiological state in the expression of behavioral problems and psychiatric disorders. The theory is leading to innovative treatments based on insights into the mechanisms mediating symptoms observed in several behavioral, psychiatric, and physical disorders.


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