The repair of early trauma

Did you know that when we say a child has an attachment disorde, it is often not the whole picture?It is only one part of a seven-piece jigsaw puzzle called ‘developmental trauma.

By putting together the puzzle, we can understand how a child’s adverse childhood experience shave shaped their emotional world and outward behaviour.

Once we understand this, we can then work with a child to help them with their developmental traumausing an innovative therapeutic approach called the ‘Neuro Sequential Model of Therapeutics’. This model recovers and repairs each part of a child’s brain in a specific, phased and effective order. We need to ensure that the child’s different environments work together using this model as a whole; including home school, therapy and even the GP – to ensure the child’s best chances for recovering from their trauma and loss. Developmental trauma can be repaired–if we get the order and type of support just right.

Dr Shoshanah Lyons, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of Beacon House, a specialist mental health and trauma team based in Sussex Summary

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