Shadow into light – Exploring the leading edge of healing

In all epochs and across all cultures, soothsayers, seers, evangelists, and doomsayers have pronounced humanity’s imminent demise. “Apocalypse now”—and now, and now.

Despite the perennial nature of these ominous portents, we have continued onward in every age, not merely surviving, but it seems, thriving. Over time, our numbers have swelled in a giant mushroom cloud; we have travelled to every corner of the globe and some beyond—exploring and experiencing, conquering and colonizing. The warnings of Nostradamus, street corner revivalists, and modern Mayan prophets have become only so much background noise against the still rising sun. After all, here we are, burgeoning seven billion—and our world still turns, humanity with it.

Thomas Hubel & Julie Jordan Avritt

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