Trauma resolution through technology and training

Trauma Focused Training leads to Trauma Resolution.

Here at Start Again Associates our dedicated team is committed to delivering training programmes and digital health solutions that enable your clients to heal from trauma related well-being challenges including addiction challenges, substance use disorders, PTSD , anxiety, depression and other similar conditions.

Specifically we can provide you and your Organisation with the following

  • EMDR Training and accreditation for therapists /counsellors
  • The MET (T) A Trauma Resolution – An EMDR + Mindfulness Protocol. For agencies
  • Accredit and Certify your Centre/agency as a Trauma Focused agency
  • Deliver the NeuroCoach programme that underpins cognitive repair – this involves mind mapping and evaluation along with a six month cognitive repair series of therapies ( 72 in total)

Under development in 2023 in the USA and Ireland are the following digital health applications

  • We are leveraging Bluetooth driven haptic technology to enhance and drive treatment of trauma impacted patients and substance abuse recovery clients, that will improve wellness by augmenting experience of sound through full immersion vibration.
    • Two new digital health products (Shoes and Floorboard products) have been market tested.
    • Two additional products (slides and a haptic vest), prototyped/ready for pre- production/market testing
    • All products use the same software and hardware.
  • StartAgain recently opened an EU/UK office within a digital health incubator to further expand into global markets.
  • IOS and Android App allow users to control the experience (intensity, speed, tone) giving the user personalized choice.

We would love to hear from you and the challenges you and your organization are facing into in 2023. If trauma focused solutions are on your agenda please contact me now where I and/or a member of our team will be delighted to help assess your requirements and see how Start Again Associates can be you ‘Trauma Focused ‘partner going forward and without any obligation.

Becoming an accredited trauma-focused service delivery organization is very achievable and will position your Centre/Agency at the very forefront of best practice in mental health/addiction recovery nationally and internationally. Paddy Creedon.

Start Again Associates

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