Understanding Trauma Three-day short series on ACEs

Welcome to “Understanding Trauma,” a short three day series exploring ACEs.

During the three days we delved into the topic of ACEs and unravelled the complexities of trauma.  We not only looked at its origins but also looked at the pathways toward healing and resilience. Each episode explored ACEs from a different perspective providing valuable insights.

Day 1: Janina Fisher – Healing the fragmented selves of trauma survivors

Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors integrates a neurobiologically informed understanding of trauma, dissociation and attachment with a pratical approach to treatment, all communicated in straightforward language accessible to both client and therapist. Chronic traumatisation often leads to self-alienation and self-destructive impulses, necessitating techniques that resolve internal conflicts and evoke self-compassion.

Day 2: Vincent Felitti – The impact of childhood experiences on adults health and wellbeing

The impact of childhood experiences on adults health and wellbeing Dr. Felitti is the co-Principal Investigator of the ACE Study. ACE is a major, ongoing, retrospective and prospective study involving over 17,000 middle-class Americans. The study looks at categories of adverse childhood experiences and their relationship to adult health, well-being and social functioning.

Day 3: Jaz Ampaw-Farr – The Power of Everyday Heros

The Power of Everyday Heroes Jaz shares her powerful journey of how a child survives when the system fails. Jaz’s resilience drove her from appalling abuse at the hands of her parents to running away from foster care and life as a teen on the streets, to advising governments and speaking internationally. Jaz has a disarming ability to share her story with humour and humility and without anger or bitterness. Jaz will share how healing can span generations. Jaz lives out her words around risk taking and resilience as her career (all while raising three children) are testament to. Jaz gives you the feeling you can do the impossible so that the next time you face adversity and challenge, you’ll be ready.

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