Human Givens: An Holistic Approach to Treating Trauma

It is now widely recognised that all human beings share a set of innate emotional needs that have to be met well in order for them to thrive and live emotionally healthy lives.

Trauma, when it becomes a problematic post-traumatic stress response, can seriously impact on a person’s ability to get their needs met in healthy ways. This further exacerbates the individual’s distress which effects their ability to function healthily and within relationships and society. The human givens therapeutic approach is extremely effective in helping people recover quality of life, even in cases of complex trauma.

Using examples drawn from case histories, this workshop will give an overview of the approach; explore the underlying mechanisms at play when trauma  occurs and how this understanding can be passed on to clients in a way that addresses the issues of stigma and confusion. Ros also explains how the Rewind technique can be helpful for many clients, when set within the context of a holistic approach.

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