Fostering Connections Network

Join Jade Irwin from The Fostering Network who will provide an interactive workshop which will offer attendees a better understanding of supporting children, young people and families in a nurturing and trauma-informed way.

It will explore how Step Up Step Down, an innovative fostering service supporting families on the edge of care offers dignity, hope and collaboration to strengthen family bonds and grow in wellness.   

We will also have a presentation replay from Dave Linton, Founder of Madlug as he explains his journey of working with children in care and the creation of MADLUG. Madlug is an award-winning bag brand that stands for ‘make a difference luggage’.  Most children and young people in care have their belongings moved in black plastic bin bags or plastic shopping bags. With every bag purchased from MADLUG, a pack-away travel bag goes to a child in care. Dave is an innovator, social entrepreneur, motivational speaker and the founder and managing director of multi-award-winning Madlug C.I.C.

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