Using SIMPLE Listening practices to support the grieving process

23rd April 2024

12pm - 1.00pm (BST)


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In this webinar Jane Shaw will explain how grief can arise from many different types of loss. It can be experienced from the loss of a loved one, through death or separation, from the loss of a way of living, or may even arise from the loss of a life not lived. SIMPLE Listening is a Polyvagal-informed programme developed to promote biological safety and nervous system regulation, based on the principles of neurobiology, Jungian psychology and creative practices. It uses the anagram SIMPLE to denote a series of accessible, simple practices that stimulate the cranial nerves involved in the social engagement system, meaning safety in the nervous system. SIMPLE stands for Somatic awareness, Intuitive inquiry, Mindful Movement, Play and creative practices, whole body Listening and Effortless action. This webinar will take you through some SIMPLE Listening practices to give you an experience of how effective these accessible exercises can be in many different, sometimes complex, situations. “When one thing dies all things die together, and must live again in a different way” (David Whyte, 1997).

Who Should Attend?​

Psychologists, Therapists, Educators, Counsellors, and anyone wanting to deep dive into practical tools for nervous system regulation and neurobiology.

Benefits Of Attending

• Discover how to navigate the complexities of grief, • Understand how a common factor in a grief process is the physiological nature of autonomic dysregulation. • Learn how commonly during the grief process our nervous system is hijacked by a defense response, • Understand how grief can take us into a prolonged sympathetic or immobilised state.


• Introductions • Main Talk 12pm - 12.45pm (BST) • Q&A Session 12.45pm - 1pm (BST) • Event Close 1pm (BST)


Jane Shaw

Jane Shaw

Jane Shaw marries biodynamic craniosacral therapy, neurobiology, and Jungian psychology to support individuals to recover from and become resilient to adverse life experiences. Having spent...

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