This event happened on the 22 June 2020 To 23 June 2020

Virtual Trauma Summit 2020

Event Recap

We had an extremely busy few months adapting and changing plans. The saying that springs to mind is “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal” and this is exactly what we did. 

Our original plan was to have the Trauma Summit live in Belfast. When we realised that this was not going to happen, we changed course but never lost sight of the goal. We held our first-ever virtual trauma summit and enjoyed an amazing two days of virtual learning/teaching from the World’s leading experts.

You all stayed with us. Thank you.

We have been delighted by a large number of positive emails from attendees. Running this virtual trauma summit allowed us to turn the ‘despondency’ that we felt in March when we realised that we could not run the event live, into ‘delight’, that we have managed to produce a beneficial event for all of those who wish to better help others with trauma.

Together we can be the change, work together and make a difference to the world around us. The two days of learning from all the speakers were so relevant to the time we were living through. Their knowledge and insight can help shape the way we approach the future days, weeks, months and years.

Our learning curve was steep and broadened our vision of what can be achieved when we don’t lose sight of the goal. Following the virtual summit, we have a renewed passion for planning 2021.

Trauma is a world pandemic, but together we can ‘be the change’ and bring hope, recovery, resilience and healing to a world that is hurting.