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Physiotherapist, Educator, Author
Georgie Oldfield MCSP is a leading physiotherapist and UK Specialist in a pioneering approach to chronic pain relief that is evidence-based, educational and focuses on self-empowerment. As a clinician Georgie came across the pioneering work of John E Sarno MD while trying to find an answer to the many anomalies her patients with pain presented with.

After visiting Dr Sarno in 2007, Georgie completely changed the way she worked with chronic pain. Like Dr Sarno, she began to see exceptional recoveries once she began helping patients address the underlying causes of their pain, rather than just treating the symptom itself. With the evolution of pain science over the past 15 years, as well as a clearer understanding of how trauma, including ACEs, are linked to chronic pain, Georgie and the global community she is involved with, are working hard to change the out-dated belief that chronic pain can only be managed.

Georgie is a clinician, an educator and author, having published her book, ‘Chronic Pain: Your Key to Recovery’ in 2014. Through her training organisation, SIRPATM, Georgie also developed the first training programme in this field in 2010, enabling health professionals and coaches to learn how to integrate this approach and the concept on which it is based within their own work. In 2011 she also developed an online recovery programme for people in pain which is educational and self-empowering, supporting them towards regaining their lives. This has recently been replaced with a new, up to date, programme with resources presented by a number of experienced SIRPA-trained practitioners.

Georgie speaks widely about this approach, was invited to give a TEDx talk in 2019 and a few years ago she was also an invited Specialist on the Tonight programme on ITV about chronic pain.  Since 2015, SIRPA has also organised and hosted international conferences, which are held at 1 Wimpole Street, the home of the Royal Society of Medicine in London.


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