The Sky Before the Storm

What you want to know about trauma.

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This is a book about TRAUMA. You might find it useful if you’ve had a bad shock. Before reading it, keep in mind the following:

  • Stay in control of what you read. Control is more important than knowledge.
  • This means that if you feel ‘low’ or scared by what you read, it would be wise to stop for awhile. Only read when you’re calm again.
  • The book is actually very ordinary. But how you read it is important. Take it slow and easy.
  • Don’t be surprised if you have to read it several times. You might find it interesting, but not easy to remember.
  • If it helps you, be careful about showing it to others. Don’t get all excited and rush out to make them read it. You might put them back into shock!
  • If you get bothered when reading, look at the pictures. They may help calm you.
  • Feel free to photocopy the text – but only if you are helping others. (The artwork is under copyright and can’t be copied. So make your own pictures!)


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