The Scared Gang

The Scared Gang helps children to recognise their own survival patterns through the Scared Gang characters. Each character represents a different pattern and tells children how they can self regulate through the use of food and sensory-based activities.​

Wary Wanda represents hyper-vigilance. She is constantly on the alert for possible danger.

Frightened Fred represents the fear behaviours; startle, cry out, and cling.

Run-Away Ronnie represents the emotionally reactive flight pattern. He runs away in the hope that adults will become more protective towards him.

Busy Beatrice represents the emotionally avoidant flight pattern. She keeps herself busy to avoid dealing with her true feelings.

Fired-Up Freda represents the fight pattern. She becomes angry with others when she is frightened.

Frozen Frank represents the emotionally reactive freeze pattern. He becomes resistant -defiant when he is asked to do something that frightens him.

Frozen Florence represents the emotionally avoidant freeze pattern. She compulsively complies when she is fearful, but when she is left alone she quietly goes her own way.

Day-Dreamy Derek represents the cut out/dissociation pattern. He daydreams to escape from feeling stressed.

Sleepy Sue represents the shutdown pattern. She falls asleep when things become too much for her.




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