The Gift of Presence A Mindfulness Guide for Woman

Women of all ages and stages are called upon to serve as command central for multiple life domains. We have come to regard being busy as a good thing: the gold standard for a successful, engaged life. We have more tasks than time, which means more juggling than balancing. Is there a way for women to live with more calm and less chaos?

Mindsight Institute CEO and Co-founder, Caroline Welch has written The Gift of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women (TarcherPerigee) to help answer this question. While we can’t change world events nor others, we can change our relationship to both. That’s where the transformative power of Presence lies.

Welch has developed a scientifically inspired approach anchored in Presence, which comes to life through “The 3Ps” — Purpose, Pivoting, and Pacing. Her step-by-step guide, replete with real life stories from her interviews of a diverse group of over one hundred women worldwide, shows how to make mindfulness an integral part of our lives without placing something more on our already too long “to do” lists. Whether you’re feeling scattered or peaceful, Presence plus the 3 Ps can provide an empowering way to support your personal and professional well-being.




Caroline Welch