Preventing and Treating Diabetes Type 2 Naturally

“Diabetes Type 2 is a modern disease and a disease of modern ways of living”
In Preventing and Treating Diabetes Naturally, Dr. Korn and Dr. Rÿser present state-of-the art, integrative approaches to restoring health.
Learn simple to use, daily strategies to address diabetes and it’s symptoms, such as neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, stress, trauma, pain and depression with

•Whole Foods Nutrition
•Herbal Medicine
•Bodywork and Energy Medicine
•Guided Visualization
•Physical Exercise

By restoring natural ways of living, reducing stress, eating whole foods that are right for your body type, using specific vitamins and minerals and herbs, and getting plenty of exercise and sleep, reversing Diabetes type 2 is possible and management is certainly successful.
You need not have diabetes to benefit from the ideas and recipes in this book.
This book will help to prevent diabetes and also keep you healthy and happy!




Leslie Korn & Rudolph Rÿser