Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence–a Complete Guide to the Groundbreaking Wheel of Awareness Meditation Practice: The Science and Practice of Presence. The Groundbreaking Meditation Practice

This groundbreaking new book from New York Times bestselling author Daniel Siegel, M.D., introduces readers to his pioneering meditation practice that draws on cutting-edge brain science.

In Aware, New York Times bestselling author Daniel J. Siegel introduces readers to his life-changing meditation program, The Wheel of Awareness. Whether the reader has no experience with reflective practices or is an experienced practitioner, Aware provides practical instruction for mastering this brilliant tool for cultivating more focus, presence, and peace in one’s day-to-day life.

Dr. Siegel reveals in this fascinating book how mindfulness practices such as meditation have the capacity to, quite literally, re-wire our brains as “neurons that fire together wire together.” According to Siegel, fear, anxiety, and stress in our lives can tend to send our thoughts traveling down the same neural pathways. Our thinking can become rigid or disjointed. Through developing a Wheel of Awareness practice, however, we strengthen our minds by expanding our awareness of how our mind is actually functioning and – in turn – we are able to gently coax our thoughts to travel in healthier, more productive directions.

An in-depth look at the brain science that underlies meditation’s effectiveness, Aware will guide you in developing a meditation practice that will inspire you to be more focused and present in your life as well as more emotionally resilient in the face of stress and the challenges life may throw your way.




Daniel J. Siegel