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Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the Trauma Summit in June this year. A global conference on trauma research and recovery. Book your ticket now and pay in 3.

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Spread the cost of your Trauma Summit ticket across 3 easy payments

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Pay in 3 Terms & Conditions

Pay in 3 instalments is often referred to as “buy now, pay later” or BNPL. This involves making a purchase and paying for it in three equal instalments over a specified period of time with no interest or fees if paid on time. Further terms and conditions can be found on our website regarding fees, access to conferences and cancellations.

Please carefully read and understand the terms and conditions provided by Action Trauma Network before agreeing to use this payment method. This ensures that you’re aware of any potential fees, obligations, or consequences associated with using this payment option.

The payment schedule will outline when each instalment is due. The first instalment is paid at the time of purchase, with the remaining two instalments paid on the same date over the following two months

Our BNPL offers no interest or fees if paid on time and according to the payment scheduleIf a payment is missed or late, a late payment fee will be applied to the balanceTickets for events cannot be issued or will be voided if a payment is missed or late

When signing up to BNPL – Automatic payments will be set up to ensure timely payments for each installment It is important that you understand how these automatic payments work and ensure you have sufficient funds in your account. 

Once you enter into the BNPL agreement, refunds cannot be given on payments already madeIf you need to cancel your ticket, the amount already paid will not be refundedAll payments must be made according to the payment scheduleThe full three payments must be made before receiving your CPD certificate and access to the conference.   

We may conduct a soft credit check when you choose to pay in 3 instalments. This check won’t affect your credit score, but it’s done to assess your ability to make payments. 

We may not offer pay in 3 instalments on all products offered by Action Trauma NetworkIt may only be available for certain products or purchases. 

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