Unyte ILS - Simplifying the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

18th April 2023

3-4pm BST

Susanna Coss

Susanna Coss

Specialized Programs Consultant, Unyte-ILS


Join Susanna, Specialized Program Consultant, in an exploration of Dr. Stephen Porges’ Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and how professionals can integrate it in practice. Learn about the science behind the SSP, training and certification, how to use the included MyUnyte platform to manage clients, and much more. 

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Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to broaden their understanding of the practical application of Polyvagal Theory and gain skills to support their clients with nervous system regulation. 

Benefits of attending?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how you can apply Polyvagal Theory in practice to help your clients affect lasting change.   
  • Understand how nervous system regulation tools like the Safe and Sound Protocol can improve your therapeutic outcomes.   
  • Explore the science behind how the Safe and Sound Protocol works with your existing practice as a complementing, adjunct tool. 
  • Improve knowledge of the role of the autonomic nervous system in health and wellbeing, and how it impacts your treatment plans. 
  • Develop more confidence supporting your clients who may be struggling to progress in therapy.