The Castle Health Group - Trauma and Addiction

1st December 2022

9:30 – 10:30am

Jessica Tomlinson Hill

Jessica Tomlinson Hill

Senior Specialist Therapist

Teri Lyn Fairnie

Teri Lyn Fairnie

Lead Therapist, Family Programme

MS In Mental Health Counselling


This webinar will give attendees a better understanding of the relationship between trauma and addiction. It will explain the impact that trauma has on the likelihood of an addiction developing, the increased risk for those who have addictions for encountering trauma and which should be prioritised in treatment.

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Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to broaden their understanding of addiction and trauma and gain skills to support those who have comorbid trauma histories and addiction.  If you work with patients with addiction or trauma, or both, this webinar will give you better insight in how to recognise and manage the complex relationship between the two.

Benefits of attending?

Gain a broader understanding of how trauma can predispose an individual to be more likely to develop an addiction

· Understand why suffering from addiction predisposes someone to being more likely to suffer from trauma

· Explore how to unpick this complex relationship and prioritise treatment aims to facilitate the best outcomes for the patient

· Improve knowledge of a variety of frames of reference and treatment approaches and how to know when to use them  

·Develop strategies to equip your team with a trauma and addiction informed approach  




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Smarmore Castle Ireland –

Trauma and Addiction Webinar