24 Apr 2019

Programmed by the Past

People who have been hurt, go on to hurt themselves and others. The insidious effects of trauma continue to plague Northern Ireland – they hang over us – they are our legacy.

With the tragic death of Lyra McKee last week, her funeral today reminds us that we need industrial quantities of love and compassion to break the cycle of behaviour which perpetuates the violence that has once again raised its ugly head in our country.

However, there is hope. To break the cycle we must first raise awareness of the impact that intergenerational trauma is continuing to have on our society. Name the cause of these behaviours, understand the psychology and neuroscience behind them and then change our responses and reactions. We must move from anger and hatred to tolerance and understanding. Then further to empathy, love, and compassion.

This is a watershed moment. Lyra McKee’s tragic death can be the catalyst for the change we need, to create a new legacy; one of lasting peace. Lyra’s family have said it with this statement:

“We ask everyone who knew Lyra to continue her message of positivity and hope, by respecting her memory with dignity and respect. We as a family know that the whole community has been touched by the events of Thursday night and that many are rightly angry. However, we would ask that Lyra’s life and her personal philosophy are used as an example to us all as we face this tragedy together. Lyra’s answer would have been simple, the only way to overcome hatred and intolerance is with love, understanding and kindness.”

Action Trauma, along with many others, are helping to spread the word as to how this may be done.

Read the full statement from Lyra’s family by clicking here

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