27 Jun 2018

Young Hearts & Minds 2018


This large scale public event ran concurrently with the Trauma Summit in the same venue and was aimed at Northern Ireland Communities to bring about societal change and raise awareness of a variety of mental health issues ranging from addiction, suicide, depression, child & adolescent mental health, to multi-generational mental health and trauma issues. Included in the programming were a number of arts and cultural activities to highlight the benefits of interacting with the arts and how these can be used as complimentary activities to aid in recovery, but also to position the event as a joyous/fun occasion to help entice people to come along and interact with what is, ostensibly, very serious subject matter.

These activities benefited the multitude of people who live and work in Northern Ireland, and further afield, who are suffering from these issues. It also provided a valued information base for mental health professionals, based in NI and across the world, to help identify best practice and the most effective modalities for treatment and recovery.

Whilst the Target Market was aimed at Northern Ireland communities, and the general public, a large portion of the ticket holders were professionals working in the fields of mental health, social workers and youth workers.

To view the full line up and programme from 2018 you can download the Young Hearts & Minds Conference Guide