27 Jun 2018

Trauma Summit 2018


The Trauma Summit 2018 consisted of a series of keynote presentations, demonstrations and workshops from leading world experts aimed at an audience of professionals working in the fields of trauma, anxiety, & stress ranging from Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Clinicians, Counsellors, Health Care Providers, Social workers and more, these events were open to the general public but they were not the main audience.

45% of registered delegates were professionals working in Northern Ireland, the remaining 55% were international delegates from 24 different countries.

Delegates attended from a mixture of Austria, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Scotland, England, Wales, Greece, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Israel, Iceland, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, and the USA.

To view the full line up and programme from 2018 you can download the Trauma Summit Conference Guide