15 Nov 2018

Secondary & Vicarious Trauma Training Day


This event was designed after feedback received from the 2018 Trauma Summit and Young Hearts & Minds delegates, many of whom work in a client facing capacity or work with challenging cases on a daily basis. Many mental health practitioners have felt the impact of working with traumatised people and have struggled with compassion fatigue brought about by secondary and vicarious trauma. We partnered with Mobius Consultancy to deliver one day training on self care for professionals to help promote compassion for ourselves and others, enabling service providers to develop more effective working relationships.

Summary and Overview

The mind and body is a connected system. This informs our understanding of how and why secondary trauma can impact on anyone working in the social care & health care fields, physically or mentally. Organisations can promote a more resilient workforce by supporting self-compassion, thus making it possible for practitioners to develop a healthier life/work balance. This will increase job satisfaction for workers and sustainability for the employer.

200 delegates attended the training held at La Mon Hotel (pictured above) and engaged in breakout workshops where practitioners and service providers took part in facilitated discussions. These were designed so participants could swap ideas on healthy coping strategies and what protocols they can implement in their respective organisations that might be helpful based on the keynote presentations.