22 Oct 2019

Intergenerational Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences


This event brought together a diverse yet connected team of speakers from outside and especially from inside Northern Ireland. 

The title and common themes were intergenerational trauma and adverse childhood experiences but the approaches to and ‘takes’ on the subject matter were rich and varied.   

These ranged from epigenetics and the complex conundrum of cortisol levels in trauma survivors, through to amazing outreach initiatives with young people at risk, to the chronic shortage of funds and resources to tackle the very real issues on the ground. 

The more harrowing details of some of the case studies and presentations were balanced with stories of resilience, the help and support available, with best practice scenarios coupled with overarching messages of hope. Self-care was of paramount importance. 

Our expert speakers enabled delegates to explore a deep understanding of the issues. Presentations of this nature can carry raw emotions and sometimes despondency. However, due to the predominantly hopeful messages embedded within the content, the feedback we have received indicates our delegates and speakers left feeling inspired, more resilient and determined. What had they learned? How could they do better? What problems could now be pre-empted? Above all, they knew they were not alone. 

This was a learning experience, a chance to network, a forum for thought and above all, a time to reflect upon how we can each play a part to help those affected by these issues. 

We were delighted to impress almost 400 registered delegates with the grandeur of Titanic Belfast as the stunning venue for the conference. This figure does not include speakers, guests, staff and VIPs. The majority of delegates (61%) attended from across Northern Ireland, a further 21% of delegates attended from the Republic of Ireland, 6% listed their country as Great Britain/UK, and the remaining 12% of delegates registered as coming from England, Scotland, Uruguay, USA, Poland, and elsewhere in the EU.    

Delegates came from a broad range of professions as the subject matter impacts all aspects of our society The largest profession in attendance came from the Charity & Voluntary Sector followed closely by Therapists, Counsellors, Psychologists and Mental Health Practitioners. We were also pleased to see a broad mix of Social, Youth, and Community Workers, along with many delegates working in Education, Justice & Probation, and the Medical Sector ranging from Doctors, Nurses and other NHS workers.