26 Mar 2019

Developing Safer Trauma Informed Practice – 2 Day Training


Based on the work of Babette Rothschild this 2 day training course explored trauma and equipped participants with the knowledge and tools needed to ensure safe trauma informed practice in their work.

Specifically the workshop looked at:

• Expanding participants’ knowledge and understanding of trauma
• Explored the foundations and goals of safe trauma therapy
• Emphasised the need to ensure that stabilisation and safety are prioritised when working with a traumatised person.
• Equipped participants with guidelines to help them assess who might benefit from processing trauma memory and when.
• Explored empathy and its relevance to trauma informed practice
• Highlighted the risks associated with vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue and proposed tools to protect against this.

Facilitator: Patricia Bourke D’Souza

The training took place at the Action Trauma offices in Saintfield with the Mourne Mountains visible from the training room. Below we’ve included some of the feedback gathered from attendees:

“I enjoyed the course immensely because of the way in which the materials were presented by Patricia. She was warm, funny, engaging and very knowledgeable. I most enjoyed her down to earth, practical and safe approach to trauma therapy work”

“I found the training 100% in every way. Patricia was exceptional in her delivery and the atmosphere was warm and inclusive. The content material kept me engaged with a strong desire to learn more and more. I was hooked! Best CPD I have experienced, so thank you to all.”

“It covered a broad range of areas and was very relatable to everyday use, no matter your profession.”