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Live at the Trauma Summit 2018

Diane Fosha

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Making the Invisible, Visible: A Trauma Healing Journey from Hauntings to Wholeness, an exploration of Transgenerational Trauma

Peter Levine

Date recorded: 19/01/2021

Freedom In Forgiveness

Richard Moore

Richard’s story is an example of where triumph overcomes tragedy. As a young boy Richard had a tragic experience which resulted in his life changing forever. However he did not allow this experience to hold him back and has gone on to live an inspiring and fruitful life.
Date recorded: 20/01/2021
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Intergenerational Trauma, Wisdom & Resilience - Exploring Trauma Affected Communities

Peter McBride

Examining Collective, Cultural & Historical Abuse and how it can be avoided for future generations. Exploring their multiple functions and complex effects. Understanding the health and social challenges this brings. This keynote will bring a greater understanding of how to break the cycle within communities for the benefit of future generations.
Date recorded: 19/01/2021
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Healing The Hidden Wounds Of Racial Trauma

Dr. Kenneth V. Hardy

A disproportionate number of children and youth of colour fail in school and become trapped in the pipelines of treatment, social service, and justice systems. This presentation examines racial trauma and highlights strategies for healing and transformation.
Date recorded: 22/06/2021
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Behaviour is Communication

Karen Treisman

This keynote briefly explores how behaviour is communication and how it tells us a story and gives us clues about the child’s inner world. We will bring to life using some poetry, some “case studies”, some anecdotes, and some powerful images exploring how behaviour is communication, and how we need to learn to see the person behind the behaviour. Some suggested questions for exploring behaviour further, as well as some top tips for responding will be shared and explored. This will also give attendees a way to make sense of behaviour and of ways to communicate how behaviour is communication to others.
Date recorded: 21/10/2021
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The Comprehensive Resource Model

Lisa Schwarz

The Comprehensive Resource Model® provides the neurobiological scaffolding that allows the brain to establish a physiological state of sufficient safety for fear responses to be recognized as relevant to the past but not the present: it allows the client to be fully present in the moment whilst orienting to the reality that pertained in the past. There are 7 primary resources and 5 secondary resources utilized throughout treatment using CRM all of which are sourced internally WITHIN the client and which impact the functioning of the mid brain. It is the combination, sequencing, flow, and nested use of these resources that allows clients to safely experience the ascents and descents in the builders’ scaffolding of the massive and complex construction housing the mind/brain in order to heal fully.
Date recorded: 23/06/2021
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Rhythm, Synchrony & Embodiment: From Neurofeedback To Psychodrama

Bessel van der Kolk

Psychodrama is a therapeutic approach that can be used effectively in trauma treatment; it can help patients begin to reach and heal wounds in their subconscious mind that can be difficult to access with traditional talk therapy. The process uses role-playing to allow patients to voice what they needed or wanted to do in past stressful situations – but couldn’t. In this presentation, Dr van der Kolk will look at neurofeedback and psychodrama in the treatment of trauma.
Date recorded: 27/06/2018
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Critical Incident Stress Management - A Comprehensive Staff Support Program

Jeffrey Mitchell

Dr Mitchell, a former firefighter/paramedic, developed a comprehensive, integrated, systematic and multi-component crisis intervention program for staff support. CISM has many crisis procedures that address individual and group needs at every phase of a crisis particularly for First Responders.
Date recorded: 22/06/2020
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Introduction to Breath-Body-Mind

Patricia Gerbarg & Richard Brown

Designed to activate communication pathways between the mind and the body, raise energy levels, regulate mood, relieve stress and anxiety enhance performance, reduce inflammation, and help dissolve pain. Participants will be guided through exercises based on voluntarily regulated breathing practices, including Coherent Breathing and Breath Moving. Unique fusion of techniques drawn from yoga, qigong, meditation, martial arts and modern neuroscience.
Date recorded: 22/06/2020