Afterthoughts NI

21st November 2022

9:30 – 10:30am

Anne Marie McKinley

Anne Marie McKinley

Midwife and Therapist

Join us in this webinar with guest Anne Marie McKinley from Afterthoughts NI counselling service. Anne Marie will discuss how she works with men and women who have adverse reactions along the pregnancy continuum.

Research demonstrates that 3.5% of women antenatally and postnatally will develop PTSD, with the anticipation that this may increase postnatally without treatment. PTSD is prevalent during pregnancy and after birth and may increase postpartum if not identified and treated (Yildiz, Ayers 2016). A further percentage will experience profound depression and anxiety symptoms.  This is estimated globally as 17%. The association between perinatal depression and infant cognitive development has been well documented too in research. Childcare and timing of therapeutic interventions may also be restricted in pregnancy or postnatally due to practical necessities. Anne Marie has 10 years of experience working in an NHS setting with men and women who had traumatic births and consequently developed symptoms of PTSD. Her private practice uses the same therapeutic approach to treat broadly different elements of traumatic life experiences. Her NHS work was time-restricted and so therapy aimed specifically to capture both the trauma of birth and elements of the woman’s life experiences which contributed to holding trauma in therapeutic interventions.

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Afterthoughts NI Webinar